Right to peaceful assembly

  • This right protects individuals and groups to meet for non-violent purposes.
  • The right imposes both a positive and negative obligation on public authorities.
  • The right applies to all gatherings for a peaceful purpose, even if unpopular or distasteful, but not to violent gatherings.

Right to freedom of association

  • The right to freedom of association means that all persons have a right to voluntarily group together for a common goal.
  • Forming and joining a trade union is one example of the application of this right.
  • The right most likely also protects against the right not to associate with others.
  • A requirement for compulsory membership of a professional body has not generally violated the right to freedom of association, particularly where the body is responsible for professional regulation.
  • The scope of the right is unsettled in international human rights law, particularly the extent to which it protects the activities of the association.