History of the Section

Section 25(3) is modelled on article 14(4) of the ICCPR. Similar rights exist in comparative law. Refer to table below for further information.


Comparative rights table


Section 25(3). Rights of children in criminal proceedings

Section 25(3): A child charged with a criminal offence has the right to a procedure that takes account of his or her age and the desirability of promoting the child’s rehabilitation.


Article 14(4):

In the case of juvenile persons, the procedure shall be such as will take account of their age and the desirability of promoting their rehabilitation.

ACT: Human Rights Act 2004
Section 22(3).
S Africa: Constitution of the republic of South Africa 1996 Chapter 2

No equivalent provisions

UK: Human Rights Act 1998
No equivalent provisions
Canada: Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms

No equivalent provisions

New Zealand: New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

Section 25(i)