To improve compliance with s. 25(3):

  • ensure that the relevant laws and court processes take account of the special needs and capacities of children;
  • ensure that age-appropriate procedures are in place that will assist a child accused to understand the charges against him or her;
  • ensure that procedures are in place so that a child defendant has the opportunity to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or other support person at the various steps in the proceeding;
  • ensure that the applicable court and court-related procedures and processes accommodate a child defendant’s age, maturity, and intellectual and emotional capacities;
  • ensure that law enforcement officers, court personnel and judges have adequate training in dealing sensitively with children;
  • ensure that policy or legislation that will impact on children makes special provision for the fact that children will be affected by these arrangements;
  • ensure that any guidelines for the sentencing of children promote the rehabilitation of the child as a core goal;
  • where necessary, consult with persons who have knowledge or expertise on child and youth issues about the impact on children of legislation, a policy proposal or a program.