The Charter was developed after this extensive community consultation process.

Consultation Process Human Rights - Consultation and Submissions

In April 2005, the Victorian Government appointed an independent Human Rights Consultation Committee to gather community views about the promotion and protection of human rights.

Community consultation

The Charter is a statement about the values and principles of the Victorian community. Over six months the Committee held community meetings, public forums and consultation sessions and received written submissions. It became clear that Victorians supported reform that would strengthen their democracy and Victoria's system of government.

The Human Rights Consultation Committee members were:

  • Professor George Williams (Chair)
  • Rhonda Galbally AO
  • Andrew Gaze
  • Professor Haddon Storey QC.
  • Pamela Tate SC, was special counsel to the Committee.


There was an overwhelming response to the Human Rights Consultation with 2,524 written submissions received. At the time, this was the highest number of submissions ever received in Australia for a human rights consultation. Over 90 per cent of submissions supported strengthening the legal protection of human rights in Victoria.

All submissions are available unless the author has refused permission to publish. Submissions containing private information or content which may be regarded as defamatory or vilifying have not been published. The views and opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the author only and do not represent the views of the Consultation Committee or the Department of Justice.