Section 41 Functions of the Commission

The Commission has the following functions in relation to this Charter—

(a) to present to the Attorney-General an annual report that examines—

(i) the operation of this Charter, including its interaction with other statutory provisions and the common law; and
(ii) all declarations of inconsistent interpretation made during the relevant year; and
(iii) all override declarations made during the relevant year; and

(b) when requested by the Attorney-General, to review the effect of statutory provisions and the common law on human rights and report in writing to the Attorney-General on the results of the review; and

(c) when requested by a public authority, to review that authority's programs and practices to determine their compatibility with human rights; and

(d) to provide education about human rights and this Charter; and

(e) to assist the Attorney-General in the review of this Charter under sections 44 and 45; and

(f) to advise the Attorney-General on anything relevant to the operation of this Charter; and

(g) any other function conferred on the Commission under this Charter or any other Act.