Section 43 Reports to be laid before Parliament

(1) The Attorney-General must cause a copy of any report prepared by the Commission in accordance with section 41(a) or (b) (as amended under subsection (2), if applicable) to be laid before each House of Parliament on or before the 6th sitting day of that House after the Attorney-General has received the report.

(2) The Attorney-General may amend a report received under section 41(a) or (b) if the Attorney-General considers it necessary to do so to prevent disclosure of—

(a) the identity of any person whose human rights have, or may have been, contravened; or
(b) the identity of any person who may have contravened another person's human rights; or
(c) information that could, in the Attorney-General's opinion, harm the public interest.

(3) If the Attorney-General amends the report in accordance with subsection (2), he or she must present a statement that the report has been amended when laying the report before Parliament in accordance with subsection (1).