Under section 30 of the Charter, the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (SARC) must consider any Bill introduced to Parliament and must report of the Parliament as to whether the Bill is incompatibile with human rights. Depending on the contents of a Bill the Committee may comment or seek clarification from a Minister on the provisions and report these to the Parliament in a report known as an Alert Digest. The Alert Digests are available on SARC's website.   

SARC have adopted a number of Practice Notes to assist with the scrutiny process. Practice Notes are relevant to the implementation of the Charter and may assist with the development of statements of compatibility.

Review of the Charter

In April 2011, the Government determined to conduct the review by way of an inquiry by SARC,

More information about the inquiry, including the Terms of Reference, submissions to the inquiry, transcripts of the public hearings, SARC's report and the Government's response can be found on the SARC website.

The Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee released the report of the review on 14 September 2011. The report makes 35 recommendations.

Read the report.

 The Government's response to SARC's report can be found here